ISO certified

A/S Megatrade Beslag is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified.

Our quality management system live up to ISO 9001 and 14001 requirements and include all products and related services that are marketed by A/S Megatrade Beslag (MB).

Procedures and instructions describe, how MB plan, secure and follow up on the quality of all products and services that we deliver to the market and MB’s stakeholders.

The quality management system comprises of:

  1. A quality handbook that contains an overall description of the company organizational structure, the structure of quality management system, MB’s objective for quality and policy as well as a clarification of the responsibilities of our employees
  2. Procedures that describe how and when specific activities should be carried out, and who is responsible for these activities
  3. Detailed task descriptions for the execution of specific tasks
  4. Forms that are used in conjunction with particular procedures

Company scope

Development and sale of brackets and mechanic components for industrial use.

Quality objective

The quality objective is: Always to live up to the agreement that is signed between customer and MB.

A pre-requisite to be able to live up to our quality objective is to:

  • Develop and incorporate a quality management system by ISO 9001 requirements
  • Continuously maintain and improve the system founded on an always existing and applicable need
  • Establish concrete targets, that show to what extend MB live up to quality goals and policies. Based on the established goals MB will initiate actions, which secure objectives are met.
  • Follow up on inquiries and possible complaints within 24 hours
  • Act fast and professionally when customers and other stakeholders make inquiries.
  • Secure the product that MB deliver, is the optimal solution for the customer's application.
  • Secure that the organization has the necessary competencies and framework, and secure an active collaboration within and in between departments.
  • Secure that ERP system cover organizational needs.

Additional information

The quality handbook, as well as other information about the quality management system, can be obtained by inquiry.



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